Student Experiences



I started learning Qigong in 2015.  I had medical conditions and had been seeking all sorts of treatment, but nothing really worked.

A friend’s friend recommended Dr. Lu, and I have been going to Dr. Lu’s clinic for treatment and the Sunday Qigong class since.  I also have been doing my regular Qigong practice at home.

Qigong is a natural way to keep people healthy and to treat illness without the types of medical intervention (e.g. western medicine, surgery, etc.) that are actually harmful in many ways.

There have been a lot of benefits I got from Qigong. My physical and mental wellbeing have improved significantly.   My family members also go to see Dr. Lu when they are not feeling well. We basically don’t go to our GP anymore because there is rarely anything that Qigong can’t fix.  Through these years’ practice, I also developed the ability to treat some minor illnesses of myself.  And more importantly, I learned the healthy ways of living and used Qigong to prevent getting sick.

I also learned perseverance through practicing Qigong.  There have been ups and downs throughout the journey, but I keep on practicing.  Qigong has become a very important part of my life. I am very grateful that I met Dr. Lu and have the chance the practice Qigong.

Emily Wu

September 2019




Qigong changed my outlook on the world and life

I had heard about Qigong for many years. My real understanding and personal contact with Qigong started few years go in New Zealand with Dr. Sunny Lu, the successor of Tianquan Medical Qigong.

I personally experienced the benefit of Tianquan Medical Qigong through my familys experiences, Dr Sunny helped them to remove pain and become healthy.

In recent years, when I was in New Zealand, I participated the Tianquan Medical Qigong class every week and learned from Dr. Sunny. I personally feel that since I learned Tianquan Mecial Qigong, my body’s minor problems have been improved, especially when I feel the “Qi”. Sometimes if I feel any uncomfortable sensations, I will follow the method taught by Dr. Sunny, I can use my mind to clear my own meridians, and I can feel the magic of Qigong.

By learning Tianquan Medical Qigong, I feel my mental state is getting better and more peaceful, and my health is getting much better too. I feel that I not only learned Tianquan Medical Qigong from Dr. Sunny, but also the conduct of life, treating others with your own big love to help others to benefit this society. It is my goal to continue to work hard in Tianquan Qigong, a culture that the Chinese nation has spread for thousands of years, and I hope that the efforts of the masters who strive to inherit the glory of the Chinese nation, the Qigong culture. Next, everyone who cultivates Qigong not only makes themselves physically fit but also makes the world full of love and good hope!

Zhenjie Liu

September 2019











Tianquan Qigong and me

I have heard the two words Qi gong, but I have never understood what is the real meaning of Qi gong.

In November 2017, I went to New Zealand to visit my daughter. At that time, the New Zealand Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine Association invited Master Wan Sujian to visit Auckland, I was very lucky to have a chance to receive a Qigong treatment from Master Wan, and that was my first time to connect with Qigong.

Because I was weak and sick since I was a child, my health condition was not good. As I am getting older, I have more symptoms such as headaches, back pain, paralysis in my hands and feet and serious depression. Luckily, I met Dr. Sunny in New Zealand and I started to attending treatments from November 2017 onwards. Dr. Sunny was very patient to listen and diagnose my health conditions.  Dr. Sunny began to help me with treatment, and told me to relax my body and did not touch my body with her hands, I immediately felt the qi of my body and the body had different movements.

Particularly, my waist has been injured for more than 30 years. I can’t bend it anymore. During the Qigong treatment, I can bend it down slowly, and I could bend it once more. Bend down from 50 to 80 times. In the end, it can be bent more than 180 times. I feel very surprised and unbelievable. My waist could bend down just after 1 Qigong treatment.

After more than a month of Tianquan Medical Qigong treatment, the insomnia is gone, the cervical vertebra not feeling pain anymore, and my mental health became more positive. This is the effect that everyone around could see and tell.

During the treatment, Dr. Sunny patiently introduced Tianquan Medical Qigong, a kind of pure nature, safe, and quick curative effect which, for thousands of years, has helped people and health care methods. I also learn Tianquan Medical Qigong so I can self-regulate, adjust body, adjust concentration, adjust heart, let the body’s turbidity release, and make our body more healthy.

In this year’s practice of Tianquan Qigong, I have been able to self-regulate some of my own problems, such as cough, mouth ulcers, indigestion, and inner heat. After practicing Tianquan Medical Qigong, in the morning, I feel that my mind is clear, my body and mind are very relaxed, and the mental state of the whole person has changed a lot, to be positive. If you keep practicing, your physical fitness will definitely improve and you will benefit for life. Finally, I would like to thanks Dr.. Sunny and Tianquan Medical Qigong to give me my second life.

Zhou Hua

September 2019



Qigong has played a very important part in my life since 2010 when my husband passed away after battling Parkinsons’ Disease for a number of years.  As his carer, I took the responsibility of lifting his walker and wheelchair and helping him in and out of the car. In addition, the everyday stresses of maintaining the vigilance needed to monitor the constant threat of choking began to take its toll. I even wondered at times whether I might die before him…  The discovery of Qigong through Dr. Sunny Lu changed the course of my life at this poling.

I began to see how this gentle system, ancient and natural, cleansed the whole of my being on all levels, and it soon became the most important activity of my day.

At the same time, a latent artistic talent surfaced for me, and the influence of this amazing energy healing system guided me into deeper levels of awareness which were reflected in the art.

2018 brought with it a new challenge to be faced, and I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer.  This diagnosis took me into uncharted waters.  With Sunny’s guidance, I am learning how to combine the Western medical system with the cleansing properties of Qigong.

Now, looking back over the past twelve months, the cancer diagnosis has provided me with an opportunity to re-assess my entire life.

I had been locked into the role of “mother” for many years in the running of the house, and family affairs. I have, however, now realized that it is no longer appropriate for me to continue with this, because the younger members of the family are quite capable of doing this themselves.  This burden has been lifted, and I feel a sense of gratitude to all who have helped me.

Susanne Holloway

September 2019


Tianquan Qigong and I

In February 2014, I was looking for a new direction in my life after the loss of my mother. I wanted to get back into a spiritual practice and to rise out of the low energy state I experienced so often. A friend mentioned she had had a remote healing session from a Qigong practitioner in Canada. I thought “There must be someone like that here in New Zealand!”

I searched on the internet until I found Dr. Sunny Lu. I could feel in my heart that this was what I’d been looking for.

I have been practicing Qigong with Dr. Sunny Lu since February 2014. I have noticed that, especially when I practice Qigong more regularly, I am more calm and able to focus better, I have more energy.

Dr. Sunny has helped me understand that it is possible to treat any physical problems that I have with Qigong (rather than using drugs) which is fantastic. She has helped me with sleeping problems, digestive problems, ear problems, an eye infection, dissolved a boney spur from my ankle, and reduced my heart palpitations considerably.  In addition, when I have been burdened with grief and anxiety, Qigong has helped clear my mind and bring me peace. It is a true connection to Universal Love.

Learning about how to take better care of myself with warm foods and keeping out of cold drafts as well as visualising a protective shield around myself when going into cold buildings (air-conditioned) have made a difference too. Learning how to prevent problems keeps Dr. Sunny’s Qigong classes interesting and informative.

After class, things I commonly notice are a stronger voice, I can sing better, my joints are more fluid, driving home is always a pleasure as the traffic seems to flow, I’m happier too, I definitely have more energy.

What I find in myself is still resistance to being vibrantly healthy—part of my old thought patterns and behaviours. When I do practice Qigong, I can feel that my body and mind are in a place of no resistance, open to change. I am still coming to accept that I deserve to be VERY healthy, not just OK. I can also see that I am changing and becoming more open to life and its’ blessings, becoming less reactive to what we’d think of as “challenges.”

I am so very thankful to have discovered Qigong.

Rebecca Schipper

September 2019

Reflections about Qigong

I joined Qigong classes by chance in March 2016. Not knowing what to expect, but with an open mind, spare time and natural curiosity.

Now, in September 2019 looking back, Qigong became an important part of my life. I think this is partly because of the quality of the teachers: Kerry and Dr. Sunny. As with many things in life, how things are done is equally important to what things are about.

What Qigong is about? Tricky question for me to answer… but I will give it a try.

Qigong is about balance and harmony:

  • Between body, soul, and mind
  • Between Yin and Yang
  • Between my being and what’s outside my being boundaries

Side effects are a happier and a healthier life.

The rest is just practicing, being persistent, being aware and curious for what’s next.

Horia Grecu

Auckland, 12th Sep 2019


Meeting Tian Quan Qi Gong

More than 10 years ago, I suffered periarthritis, my arm was very painful and difficult to move. I had taken some medicine, but it did not help any more, then I had acupuncture 20 times in around 3 months, the problem was still with me. As a full-time working mother, it is hard to keep a normal life going through this.  One of my colleagues said to me you should see Dr. Sunny and try Qi Gong treatment. Then I met Dr. Sunny and Tian Quan Qi Gong,.

After just one treatment my arm can lift, and the pain had relieved a lot. After a few treatments, the problem was completely gone. The same problem never happened again until now. The trusty in Tian Quan Qi Gong is building by factors and experience. When the doctor told me I had suffered uterine fibroids and gallstones, one year later I might need to do surgery to take out from my body. I was not scared because I know who can help me and who I can trust. I went back to see Dr. Sunny and continued Qi Gong treatment for around 2 years. All the problems were gone. Around 8 years ago I started practicing Tian Quan Qi Gong.

During my 8 years of Tian Quan Qigong practice, I have had lots of unbelievable experiences. I can do treatment for myself and my family members. After one year of practice, one day my husband had a toothache, it was so painful so that he cannot sleep. He had taken some Panadol, but there was still pain and it was swollen on the right-hand side of his face. I tried doing some Qi Gong treatment for him. I put my hand on his face and thinking Tian Quan Qi Gong kill the pain and let bad energy go away. I felt a kind of laser came out from the centre of my hand and directly went to his pain point.  The laser went from weak to strong, and in around 5 minutes it had stopped the pain.  I was surprised and thought how has this happened, I heard my husband snoring, he was asleep.  Since then I tried more treatment for myself and family members, from small problems like finger cut, broken ankle, to big problems like headache, Stomach ache. The Qigong energy power is building by more practice and by using it to do more treatment.  Since I have practiced Tian Quan Qi Gong I hardly ever get any cold and have not had any medicine until now.

Most people do not believe Qi Gong treatment because we cannot see the qigong doctor use any tools to do the treatment and they do not give the patient any medicine as well, but we can feel it. Every patient can feel some change after a few treatments, like pain relieved, sleeping is better and having more energy, etc.

We practice Qi Gong and it can keep our body healthy. But it needs a long time and regular practice. A very important thing is using it to solve our problem and in this, get confidence. As we use it more, we understand more. Understanding more can encourage us to do more practicing. I am looking forward to having more magical experience helped by doing more and more practice.


North Shore, New Zealand



                          I love Medical Tianquan Qi Gong

My name is May Wang. I feel fortunate that I met Master Sunny Lu in my life. I have learned a lot from her. She does not only offer me medical treatment; she also guided me and transferred the theoretical knowledge and practice of medical Tianquan Qi Gong to me. Medical Tianquan Qi Gong saved my life and benefited my health, I am grateful to Master Sunny who gave me a second life and makes my life become enjoyable and happy.

In May 2012, I was terribly involved in a very serious car accident, fracturing my left arm and suffered internal injuries. I subsequently had 2 major surgeries with a few dozen stitches. After one month of surgery, my body still ached badly, and I could not walk. During that time, I felt days passed like years to me. I tried herbal medicine, acupuncture, cupping, diathermy, and physiotherapy at rehabilitation centres, but none of the outcomes had been significant. My two arms could not move up and down, my two hands were full of swelling, I could not put on clothes daily, and I could not go to the toilet by myself.

My friend Ivy heard of my illness and introduced Master Sunny, president of medical Tianquan Qigong to me. When I received medical Tianquan Qi Gong treatment for the first time of my life, I could feel its magic and Sunny’s powers. My arms could not help shaking forward and back and moved like a circle for over two months. After about a half-hour of the medical Tianquan Qi Gong treatment, my left arm surprised could move up and down and my hands could pick up the cup of water after two days. After one week of the treatment, I could do some simple housework, liking making up the bed and cleaning the kitchen. I also could bend my waist straight.

Sunny’s powers and guidance made me recover much more quickly, both mentally and physically. At the beginning of the medical Qi Gong treatment, I cried very often and uncontrollably. At the Qi Gong medical treatment, I could clearly feel the force that Sunny emitted. Sunny’s conduct, medical ethics, and her expertise had my utmost regard and deeply touched me. Through careful treatment by Sunny, I recovered completed and quickly. The speed of my recovery astonished not only me but also my friends and colleagues. Looking back, it was Sunny who helped me find myself again, it was medical Tianquan Qi Gong that gave me a rebirth.

Before, I always felt tired and exhausted. After the treatment from Sunny, I felt clearly in my head and light in my body. It was great to see that I like doing exercise like walking. I was eager to walk around one tree hill park (Auckland Public Park Garden) from my home, it would take 1 hour to walk this distance. I felt I have more energy, the medical Qi Gong treatment made a new person of me.
I strongly believe that medical Tianquan Qi Gong is a national treasure of China, it makes human being healthier, more kind-hearted, more graceful and wittier. Under Sunny’s advice, I started joining the medical Tianquan Qi Gong class and learning the medical Tianquan Qi Gong 3 years ago.

Doctor Sunny taught us how to understand the principle of the medical Tianquan Qi Gong and how to practice and use the way of medical Tianquan Qi Gong to care for our bodies. In my work, I have to travel a lot, when I felt unwell, I used the way and skills that Doctor Sunny taught me to adjust my body by the healing of medical Tianquan Qi Gong. if I had suffered from big problems, Master Sunny used phone or WeChat to guide me and give me the treatment, this sort of thing happens very often.

I normally had blood tests every year.  My blood bilirubin and thyroid levels were abnormal for nearly 20 years. The serum levels of Tri-iodothyronine (T3), Thyroxine (T4), and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) were high or down over the past years. My western family doctor asked me to take three pills a day.

In July 2019, I had a blood test again and, I was surprised to see that the blood test report that the result of bilirubin and thyroid levels become normal. At first, I could not believe my eyes and kept reading the result a few times.

Since learning the medical Tian Quan Qi Gong, I feel very healthy and full of energy. I am 61-year-old, my family and close friends said I had a good complexion and was full of energy. I am so happy to tell my husband and my mother that I also feel my health is better than when I was a young age. The medical Tianquan Qi Gong improves my life, made me more optimistic, and inspired me to work harder.

I will continue to learn and understand the essence of medical Tianquan Qi Gong and keep more practice of medical Tianquan Qi Gong. Thank you Master Sunny, I love medical Tianquan Qi Gong.

May Wang
Auckland, New Zealand


My Experience of Tianquan Medical Qigong

I have received treatment from Tianquan Medical Qigong since the beginning of 2016. In fact, as early as 2014, I had already heard of the amazing and powerful experience from my colleague May Wang, who had a serious car accident in 2012 and been fully treated by Master Sunny.

My relationship with Tianquan Qigong started with my illness, I suddenly suffered from a Temporomandibular (TMJ) disease in January 2013. This TMJ problem happened to my upper and lower jaws. I took an MRI twice in a year and was diagnosed with “permanent upper and lower occlusal joint injuries” by the specialists from New Zealand and China. The results of magnetic resonance analysis showed my disease as permanent tissue damage that cannot be treated unless surgery is done. My entire left face was stiff along to the neck muscles.

Both Chinese and NZ TMJ specialists suggested that I should consider to do physio or consider to do surgery to help use the upper and lower occluded joints, but because the surgery would be on the face, my parents strongly disagreed with this option.

After half a year of physical therapy, it only helped me little, I gave up attending the physio every week and I also refused to have surgery. To just go on like this, there was no way. My left face was completely unable to chew food, and when I laughed, I squinted. My mouth couldn’t open and even to put two fingers into the mouth was impossible!

Since I was sick in 2013, my left side was almost completely unmoved. Although it is a problem of the face, this disease was seriously affecting my life, accompanying this was depression and almost nightly insomnia. In the beginning, the family doctor gave me a sleeping pill, up to 2 per night, eventually I couldn’t sleep without eating 3 of them. During the day, only black coffee was used to keep me awake to work so that from then on, serious caffeine addiction began. This kind of life was maintained for almost three years.

In 2016, I had the opportunity to see Sunny. Because my appearance is “normal”, I wasn’t sure how I should tell Sunny about my problems,  I didn’t know what I should say to describe my diseases, my TMJ problem or sleep problem or depression? I even felt deeper inside that I have more invisible problems.

Fortunately, Sunny arranged treatment for me every week, as long as I am not on a business trip or traveling abroad, I attend treatment every week. After more than a year of treatment with Tianquan Medical Qigong, I couldn’t tell you when my face was completely restored. Unconsciously, I recovered so much that I didn’t know that I recovered. Because I didn’t pay too much attention to the details, I only knew that I could sleep, not only close my eyes, but I was really sleeping, I didn’t need the help of sleeping pills, and the quality of sleep improved.

Most importantly, I can start eating with the masticatory muscles on the left. My mouth is inexplicably open at the most serious time, I couldn’t even open my mouth to put in two fingers. I don’t know how I ate for 3 years, I couldn’t eat any food that needs to be bitten hard. But now my left face can chew things, and the face is not so embarrassing, and finally, the mouth can be opened (although the sound in the bones can be heard). Up to now, Western Doctors have judged that my “permanently damaged” chewing joints can be used perfectly. Opening my mouth and eating is exactly the same as healthy people. This healing process took only about a year.

From August 2017, I started learning Tianquan Medical Qigong. I have summed up the three-strong feelings I have experienced:

  1. Perception
  2. Physical improvement
  3. Spiritual comprehension


In August 2018, when I was practicing at home, I sensed “Qi”. When all of a sudden, I suddenly felt and touched the space by my hands. It was around “Qi.” It is able to be manipulated in size, and this Qi can flow invisibly between my hands. I was very curious to open my eyes and peek at it. There was nothing in the material space, that is, there is nothing in the middle of the two hands. I closed my eyes again. I tried to move this Qi again. This Qi can be big and small and can be left and right (I can change its size). The first time I feel what is a density to the space, I just can’t see it, it seems to be shaped but not shaped, a force. It does exist in the material space, it is the “Qi” of Qigong. I have sensed this kind of density of space several times. It was amazing. I touched it by hand and moved it. This phenomenon, for me, as a beginner, I feel, was very amazing and unbelievable.

Physical improvement

My physical experience in my left facial chewing muscles and joints was nothing short of a magical recovery, this is the biggest improvement for my physical body. If I listened to the Western doctors, they say that I have to insert a device between my jaws, I will regret it now if I followed their advice. In addition to this, how amazing is Tianquan Medical Qigong when I consider my eyes! I have been wearing glasses for more than 30 years, and I had not expected that my eyes will ever improve. However, starting in early 2017, I felt that the glasses at that time were particularly heavy, and my eyes began to resist the computer screen which was particularly exhausting. My glasses are anti-Blu-ray, ultra-thin lenses, almost consisting of the best technology. I wondered why are they so uncomfortable? Every day I go home to practice, I would automatically circle my eyes. In mid-2017, I really couldn’t stand my glasses. I seriously suspected that the optometrist gave me the wrong prescription. I went back to the optometrists’ shop to complain about my glasses. After examination, the optometrist was very surprised to tell me that my eyes were improving. Here were my records since I received Tianquan Medical Qigong treatment. I was 500 & 475 degrees before 2016.

29.07.2017 22.12.2018 31.08.2019
Sphere Cyl Axis Sphere Cyl Axis Sphere Cyl Axis
Right -4.5 DS -4 -0.5 38 -4 -0.25 38
Left -3.75 -1 180 -3.75 -1 175 -3.25 -1 175

(Eye tests taken at OPSM Takapuna)


Finally, what I want to say is about my spiritual comprehension. After learning Tianquan Medical Qigong, after the balance of Yin and Yang, I feel my inner energy is peaceful. Talking about feelings is very vain, I used to be a very extreme person, for example, if a partner did not cooperate, I would not communicate with them again. I would blacklist them and not cooperate (this is an extreme example). But after practicing Tianquan Medical Qigong, I felt that I was softer and there was room for negotiation, and things were smarter than before. This kind of cleverness is hard to describe, not to say that it is smart, it is wisdom. Especially at work, I can use wisdom to solve some contradictions or dealings with cleverness.

Tianquan Medical Qigong is very powerful. I can understand Tianquan Medical Qigong is not just a Medical Qigong. It is also a magical energy (true) that can change fate. It combines the positive energy of ancient Chinese culture, history, digital science, medicine, genetics, Yijing, numerologies, and Wu Xing. Helping the righteous and remove evil, improving and strengthening and balancing the energies of the body, help our physical body, and raise our spiritual level to achieve a high end. I am thankful that my family and I have had the opportunity to know and practice Tianquan Medical Qigong and thank you very much to Master Wu and Dr. Sunny from my deepest heart!

Lulu Yang

September 2019


My Qigong Journey So far

I have been interested in spiritual and esoteric belief systems mostly since around the age of 20. Prior to starting Qigong with Kerry at age of almost 26, I have previously practiced a lot of meditation, yoga, read a lot about spiritual and esoteric beliefs and systems, and felt the benefits of what a spiritual perspective and practice can do and its importance.

I met Kerry through a friend but what sparked my interest significantly and made me come to a Qigong class was after attending a Qigong workshop by a Qigong master from China (who Kerry and Sunny hosted). I was not so much impressed by the master or the Qigong, but rather by the simplicity and ease of being of the Master, Sunny and Kerry. Their simplicity and humbleness is what really drew me to come to the first class.

During my first few weeks of practice, I felt like the energy showed me somethings that was not comfortable to look at, mostly how much I was full of myself. In the first few weeks of practice, I felt the tremendous benefits that this practice can bring in the spiritual process, to the body and to the mind, and relatively fast (compared to practices I have done previously).

In the last two years since beginning the practice, I keep experiencing huge benefits, and the energy of this practice is constantly helping me. It’s helping me to see the truth and breaking down my incorrect understanding of life. I keep on finding suppressed emotions and experiences, almost re-living them. With some experiences that I have totally forgotten. I feel much more range of emotions, some are bad some are good, but it makes me feel more alive. I feel more comfortable with myself and my and others’ opinions. I am able not to take myself so seriously yet approach life with more respect and dignity.

I keep on learning how to work with experiences and energies in a way that doesn’t create problems within myself but at the same time not reacting but rather dealing with them wisely. The way I make decisions, how I interact, how I feel in my mind and body have changed tremendously. I feel how my practice is constantly getting deeper and the practice is best when I go to practice with Kerry and Sunny.

Training with Kerry and Sunny I also feel very supported and cared for. It feels like being part of a spiritual family. I am grateful every day to have met Kerry and Sunny, and the Qigong practice that they continue to teach us wholeheartedly. This Qigong practice is the biggest reason I choose to remain in Auckland. It feels like untangling shackles that have been increasing and getting bigger since birth and with this practice, I have a chance to break free. I hope we all can experience true freedom and happiness.

Sasha Kuntz

Just relax, quiet, no thinking and see what happens.

In our training, Dr. Sunny often says just relax, quiet, no thinking and see what happens. This has become a way of being in my life and as I have studied Tian Quan Gong longer, I feel that there is some glimpse of understanding what she means.

When I began Studying with Dr. Sunny in 2005, there was not much explanation to what she was saying, just Song, Jing, Kong, relax, quiet, no thinking and then see what happens. This did nothing to reveal to my mind what she was talking about and I think that this was a good strategy for me as my conceptual mind always needed to understand something and this would lead to me studying and studying, finding all the information that I could about something until I had some conceptual understanding of the thing I was interested in. Tian Quan Gong is not about conceptual understanding and when I read a cartoon book about Buddhism that I got on a trip to China with Dr. Sunny for the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong convention I came across Jing and Kong in its pages. Jing, Nirvana, and Kong, Emptiness are very big concepts in Buddhism and point to the ultimate realization of the non-conceptual potential of human experience.

We move from conceptual to non-conceptual understanding when the theory becomes a direct experience, and this is what the practice of Tian Quan Gong has given me. Some of the concepts that I had from studying Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Philosophy, Religion, and martial arts suddenly came alive, suddenly became real and directly experienced.

This is no quick fix or quick process, I have been training with Dr. Sunny for close to 16 years and everything has been revealed by increments, an insight here, a realization there, a letting go here, a change of personality there, and the person that I am now is, as someone who I used to know said, a complete 180 degrees different to who I was. There have been some profound and sometimes painful experiences of transformation, and release of physical, mental and spiritual blocks but what it has given me the most is a clarity of view where I can observe my self, moment to moment, without attachment to or investment in what is going on in my mind, I can see it for what it is, a reaction to stimulus, and not need to create a story or identity out of it. This has led to more relaxation, quietness of mind and less thinking, I am yet to get to no thinking, which is back at the beginning what we are told to do.

So what we may find, through this way, is that the instruction to relax, quiet, no thinking, may reveal to us what is stopping us from relax, quiet, no thinking and if we observe for long enough, with equanimity, these things will lose their power over us and we can then rest in the state that we are given as an instruction.

Now, as the first western teacher of Tian Quan Gong, I must remind myself to not say too much, to let students find their own way through the process of untangling their mind and the identity it constructs for them. Dr. Sunny’s clear example gives me much inspiration and guidance and she always knows the right way to reveal or conceal what it is that we need or don’t.

I really have been given a new life and I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with Dr. Sunny for all this time, to have found my path and to find a home within the Tian Quan Gong family and community. I will do all I can to honour and serve my teachers and the responsibility I have to pass on their teachings, sincerely, humbly and accurately for the rest of my life.

Kerry Castell-Spence

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